Have you ever considered a business…

With a proven track record of success?

In a rapidly expanding, multi-billion dollar industry?

That allows you to do meaningful, much-needed work?

Where a proven turn-key system is provided?

With the potential to earn significant income in a short time frame?

With a short ramp-up period?

That’s recession-resistant with virtually unlimited income potential?

That requires no previous industry experience?

That offers all of the upsides of joining a traditional franchise including superior training and support, with none of the downsides (including NO royalties)?

If you’ve been researching other senior care franchises, then you can probably already tell we are refreshingly different.


How We’re Different

Consider these 5 extraordinary benefits of our Membership Model that traditional senior care franchises can’t claim:

Royalty-Free: You pay no royalties on your hard-earned income, just a small flat monthly fee.

No Long-Term Contracts: Unlike a typical franchise agreement, our members can “opt out” anytime they like.

It’s Your Business with Your Business Name: We help you build YOUR Business, not ours.

Complete Business Tools, Training & Support: Our proven operating systems, marketing materials, sales training, financial benchmarking data, proprietary caregiver training tools, and unsurpassed support have helped our members become the providers of choice for their clients and referral sources.

If any or all of these characteristics describe the type of business you’ve been looking for, then The Senior’s Choice opportunity might be right for you. The Senior’s Choice is about making a difference - not just in the lives of the seniors that our members serve, but also in the lives of our members themselves.

NoRoyalties (1)

No Royalties

NoContracts (1)

No Long-Term Contracts


It’s Your Business with Your Business Name


Complete Business Tools, Training & Support

Learn the Truth about Royalties

After you pay a one-time membership fee to join The Senior’s Choice (which is notably more affordable than a traditional franchise fee), you pay NO royalties on your company’s income; just a flat fixed monthly membership fee of $500 which doesn’t increase as your revenues grow. This fact alone will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of your business. With a typical franchise, you will pay monthly Royalty Fees -- which will cost you about $600,000 or more over the course of your contractual agreement with them.

Join the nation’s largest membership network of independently owned Private Duty providers.

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