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Review our Training & Resource Package

The Senior’s Choice is proud to offer the most comprehensive training program, resource package and ongoing support in the industry. Please take a few minutes to review a few of our downloadable wealth of tools here.

We also offer our new members an innovative program called “Fast Start Plan: 12 Steps to a Successful Launch”, specifically designed to help accelerate the set-up and launch phase of your business and get you on the road to success faster than you ever thought possible.


Benefits of Your Membership

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TSC Overview

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12 Steps to a Successful Launch

What Comes with Your Membership

Your membership comes with a comprehensive business start-up framework, including:

Large, exclusive protected territory

Unmatched 8-day training week, including 4 days of live training

One-on-one business coaching

All Operating Systems

All necessary training manuals, policies and procedures, customizable marketing materials, forms and documents essential to the day-to-day business

Unlimited ongoing business assistance via phone and email

Access to necessary liability insurance coverage software

Large and supportive network of fellow business owners

Interested in The Senior’s Choice?

Apply now to get started and see if our Membership Model is right for you.